Cloudflare vs. AWS

Users say Cloudflare offers better performance, simpler management, and cost savings

R2 Pricing Calculator

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Cloudflare CDN vs. AWS CloudFront CDN

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R2 Pricing Calculator

Cloudflare R2 Object Storage is S3-compatible and allows developers to store large amounts of unstructured data without the costly egress bandwidth fees associated with typical cloud storage services.

Input your expected R2 usages to generate an estimate for what you will pay.


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    $8,957 / Year

    $12,499 / Year

    Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud keeps websites fast (and secure) everywhere on Earth.

    Free Tier


    Speed of innovation, reduced latency, and global region free from zone restrictions

    Limited regional coverage with a smaller footprint, and may be subject to availability zone restrictions


    Fixed rate pricing for unlimited protection, ensuring predictable cost control and lowering overall costs

    Unpredictable costs, including data transfer costs and additional charges for Layer 7 security, load balancing, and DNS features


    Easy to use, friendly interface, and seamless setup

    Challenging setup and user interface with a steep learning curve


    Single dashboard for multiple Cloudflare solutions reduces misconfiguration risks

    Multiple dashboards for multiple solutions increases misconfiguration risks


    Easily add powerful features, including Load Balancing and Argo

    Disparate services and features lead to duplication and sluggish performance

    How Can We Contact You?

    Please leave us some information so we can contact you.